Philharmonic Choral Capella "Yaroslavia" - a young group.
It was created in the fall of 2003 by the famous Yaroslavl musician and teacher Sergey Berezovsky.
The appearance of a collective of philharmonic scale and level in Yaroslavl was then a significant musical and general cultural event.

From the very moment of its birth, the chapel leads a very intense creative life.
Her performances are distinguished by their vivid theatricality and artistry. The mobility of its creative composition - from a small chamber (16-18 artists), to a large concert (54 performers) allows you to turn to works of various musical forms, styles, eras and genres, constantly replenish and expand the repertoire, look organically in any concert-themed programs, perform in front of any age and audience.

The choir consists of professional musicians who have graduated from the best musical educational institutions of the country at various times: the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Nizhny Novgorod State Glinka Conservatory, and the music and pedagogical faculties of universities and institutes in Moscow, Yaroslavl, and Kostroma.

The Choral Capella "Yaroslavia" performs both in Russia and abroad.
The creative plans of the team are drawn up for several years ahead. The collective has received well-deserved recognition of the music community and critics not only as a highly professional creative collective with a high artistic taste and culture, its special sound, extraordinary softness and awe, but also as a collective - a continuation of the best traditions of the Russian choral performing school.

The largest Russian and foreign concert agencies, world-famous musicians-performers, composers, singers and conductors successfully cooperate with the capella: Vladimir ANDROPOV (Russia), Murad ANNAMAMEDOV (Russia), Yuri BASHMET (Russia), Yuri BOGATYREV (Russia), Evgeny BUSHKOV (Russia), Dimitris BOTINIS (Greece), Claudio VANDELLI (Italy), Dmitry VOLOSNIKOV (Russia), Boris GALKIN (Russia), Valery GERGIEV (Russia), Pavel GERSTEIN (Russia), Josef DAHLBERG (Germany), Sergey EKIMOV (Russia), Stanislav KALININ (Russia), Anatoly KOLBESHIN (Russia), Dmitry LUZIN (Russia), Richard MEILENDER (Germany), Vladimir MATORIN (Russia), Alexey MELKOV (Russia), Andrey MIKITA ( Russia), Terje MIKKELSEN (Norway), Anatoly OSELKOV (Russia), Sergey OSELKOV (Russia), Mikhail PETUKHOV (Russia), Valery POLYANSKY (Russia), Yuri POTEENKO (Russia), Vladislav PIAVKO (Russia), Misha RAKHLEVSKY (Russia), Roman REVAKOVICH (Poland), Alexey RUDNEVSKY (Russia), Vladimir RYABOV (Russia), Zurab SOTKILAVA (Russia), Ivan STOLNIKOV (Russia), Arfenia TARAKANOVA (Russia), Tarja TURUNEN (Finland), Sergey CHERKASOV (Switzerland), Vladislav CHERNUSHENKO (Russia), Sergey SHESTIKOV (Russia), Lyubov SHISHKHANOVA (Russia), Martin STEFAN (Germany), Yuri ERIKONA (Russia) and many others...

In May 2011, at the International Choral Festival in Bialystok (Poland), "Yaroslavia" was awarded the title of "Laureate of International Competitions", winning the third place in the category "Professional Choirs".