Link Exchange

Sharing links and banners with thematic choir sites, as well as with music sites of similar themes is the surest and most reliable way to constantly attract a thematic audience to your site.
In many modern search engines, the number and quality of links to music sites significantly affects their leading position in search results: without increasing the number of links to a site, it is no longer possible to have sufficiently high ratings in popular search engines.
This section of our project is designed to bring together webmasters and owners of choral and music sites interested in sharing links and banners to promote their sites.

One of the most important and, at the same time, the most difficult aspects of promoting sites in search engines is to increase the citation index: the number and quality of pages that link to your site.
There are several ways to increase the citation index, but the most effective way is to exchange links. In addition to improving the rating, there is another reason for sharing links - if the link to your resource is placed on the site successfully and the site is close to your resource in terms of subject or description, you can get a significant influx of targeted visitors.

To exchange links with our site, prerequisites are required:
1.The link is installed only on the indexed page (not closed by the file "robots.txt", with the "noindex" tag or the "cloak" technology).
2.Each page of the site should have no more than 5 links to other resources.
3.The page with our link must be located no further than three "clicks" from the main page of the resource.
4.In the html code of the link, only the "<a> " tag should be allowed, links to only one site (domain) are allowed.
5.The link to our website must be "direct".

For questions about the exchange of links, please contact the e-mail of the chapel website. In the email, specify the subject "link exchange" and the address of the page of the site where the link to us will be placed. We are ready to consider a strictly individual approach for each site.
We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Links and banners of friendly sites are placed here:
sites partners and friends.