Choir «Yaroslaviya» is a skill of musical execution, live expressive and is natural flowing choral speech, art of a musical choral narration in which basis possession of musical thought, main thing revealing in choral singin, a combination and movement of phrases, their expressiveness and sense lies.
Overcoming of the specific difficulties connected with singing, sensation of technical vocal skill in a freedom of expression at which becomes possible high-grade, bright, expressive, originally art execution puts choir «Yaroslaviya» in one number among many outstanding choruses and choral ensembles of Russia.

With the advent of a singing collective and cappellachoir «Yaroslaviya», began possible to expand executed creative repertoire as symphonic orchestra in particular, and as a whole all Yaroslavl philharmonic society — to put opera performances, to execute vokal symphonic products, oratorios, cantatas.

Thanks to creative support of the art director and the main conductor of the Yaroslavl Academic Governor's symphonic orchestra — the National actor of Russia, the winner of awards of L.V.Sobinov and Irina Arhipova Murad Annamamedov Fund formation of the Yaroslavl choral collective has begun.
Together with Yaroslavl Academic symphonic orchestra the choir «Yaroslaviya» under the direction of M.Annamamedov with the big success has executed such famous operas, as D.Verdi's D.Puchchini, "Othello's" "Chio-chio-san", fragments of an opera of M.Glinka "Ivan Susanin", A.Borodin "Prince Igor"; cantatas "Kursk songs", "the Pathetic oratorio", "the Poem of Memory of S.Esenin" G.Sviridov, "Alexander Nevsky" S.Prokofev; "Requiem" and "the Big Messa C-minor" V.Mozart, "Carmina Burana" K.Orf, G.Fore "Requiem", "Imagination for a piano, chorus and an orchestra" L.Bethoven, "the Symphony of psalms" I.Stravinsky.

Creative events and friends of choir

The interesting and fruitful friendship of which the choir «Yaroslaviya» by right is proud and now, has developed with the Moscow theatre the New Opera — with the conductor of theatre Dmitry Volosnikov. Under its management musicians have executed operas: G.Persell "Didona and Enej", D.Verdi "Traviata", M.Musorgsky "Boris Godunov", S.Prokofev "Ivan Groznyj".

Work on record of a compact disc of an opera of "Othello" of D.Verdi under the direction of the National actor of the USSR, the remarkable tenor of our epoch Vladislav Pjavko became special creative event for actors of the Yaroslavl collective. The choir «Yaroslaviya», together with Yaroslavl symphony orcestra has executed an opera and in the Big Hall of the Moscow conservatory.

The close creative friendship connects actors of choir «Yaroslaviya» with master, the National actress of Russia Lyubov Shishhanova together with whom Z.Langle's messa in a concert hall of the Yaroslavl philharmonic society and in the Catholic cathedral of Moscow has been executed.
And as to 150 anniversary Alexander's Kastalsky in a concert hall of the Yaroslavl philharmonic society with the Moscow man's chamber chorus "Kastalsky" under the direction of Alexey Rudnevsky Russian requiem — "Fraternal Commemoration" has been executed and written down on a compact disc.

«Yaroslaviya» — he constant participant of festivals of opera music of L.V.Sobinov, choral and bell music "Preobrazhenie", festival of L.I.Rojzman; successfully co-operates with the Yaroslavl diocese — executes Russian spiritual choral music at festivals of a name of priest Zinovev, takes active part in divine services of Light Christ's Revival; in all charitable concerts and cultural actions of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region.