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Cappella «YAROSLAVIYA» welcomes you, dear friends of choral music, on the official site, suggests to get acquainted with choral repertoire, the schedule of concert performances, photos of a cappella and invites to see video and to hear to the audiofiles which have been written in concerts and on compact discs of choral a cappella.
Dear friends. Share the opinion on work of a site of a cappella — and you render invaluable service in aspiration to make our resource most for you useful, informative and interesting.

Choral seasons

Capella «Yaroslaviya» has celebrated twelve-year-old anniversary of the creative activity. The management, administration, chorus masters, leaders and actors will be glad to accept congratulations not only from outstanding music conductors and the musicians working and acting with collective in concerts, but also from all admirers and fans of creativity of «Yaroslaviya» — as for you, dear friends, we and tries to support the resources in Internet.

About site

Cappella «Yaroslaviya» developed the official site the purpose of attraction of attention to our resource of choral music conductors, actors, singers, vocalists — a word, those musicians who actively shows amateur or professional interest to vocal and choral music.
Acquisition for this paid hosting has the obviously positive sides allowing competently to influence both site optimisation as a whole, and on possibility of placing of audio and video files, unlimited on volume: and, as consequence of it is deeper and attentive analysis of vocal and choral products which the a cappella «Yaroslaviya» with the big success executes already more than twelve concert seasons.

Performing targets

In the concert programs the philharmonic a cappella «Yaroslaviya» shows the individualised subtlety and flexibility of singing skill, masterly improvisations, a performing orientation and creative virtuosity by which the higher samples of vocal school are characterised.
Daily persistent work, indefatigable searches of musical true, moral and moral satisfaction which is received by all actors of «Yaroslaviya» in the course of this activity and make sense of existence of the Yaroslavl philharmonic.

Riches and width of choral repertoire

Riches and width of choral repertoire of a musicians and art means of its embodiment, spirit of creativity, flight of fancy, being involved in which everyone the actor as much as possible expresses itself in the general musical ensemble, possibility to reveal talented individuality — all it and makes the basic creative direction of choral collective.
The variety of searches in the field of traditional genre versions of choral music does not settle creative finds of a collective. Bright expressiveness of vocal singing, a high-rise, temb-register and dynamic range, an accurate system of polyphony and professional possession in volume of the musical invoice — also aspires to these basic performing problems a philharmonic a «Yaroslaviya».

Choir and orchestra

Artly productive process of transformations in a «Yaroslaviya» in sphere of large forms of choral music became especially deep. The tendency to integration of art plans was most brightly showed in creation of the whole group of cantatas, poems, symphonies and oratorios accompanied by the Yaroslavl Academic State Symphonic Orchestra under control of the Art director and the main conductor of an orchestra of the National actor of Russia Murad Annamamedov.
The live and spiritualised sounding — here the first and, perhaps, most important property distinguishing choral collective of the Yaroslavl philharmonic society — «Yaroslaviya».

About us

The collective of musicians in treatment and interpretation of the musical text shows internal action of musical thinking. The big expressive resources of creative collective are concluded in art development of specificity different tembr types of the execution, separate choral parts, their various combinations. In each performance «Yaroslaviya» communication with traditional ancient and modern genres is especially notable. This feature the a musicians is capable to display all complexity and multifigurativeness of the academic singing, ability to hear and express a piece of music not as a static picture, and as process of spiritual development and movement.