Sergey Berezovsky

Sergey Berezovsky

April 28, 2007 56-th year of life died Honored worker of culture of Russia, the chief choirmaster, conductor, creator and artistic Director of the choral capella «Yaroslaviya».

The life of Sergey Berezovsky was linked to two Volga cities — Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl.
The pupil of the famous Nizhny Novgorod choral chapel of boys, and then graduated from the faculty of choral conducting at the Conservatory M.Glinka, who received excellent training, Sergey Berezovsky has arrived to Yaroslavl, where in 1977 he began his work as a teacher at the music school L.Sobinov, and soon he was appointed artistic Director of the Yaroslavl regional Philharmonic society.

25 years of leading the artistic life of the Philharmonic revealed undoubted organizational talent of Sergey Berezovsky, his creative initiative, knowledge of the peculiarities of the Philharmonic's artistic process.
Over the years, with direct and active participation has made a huge amount significant for cultural life of the city and region events.

However, Sergey Berezovsky had never left the dream of the creation in Yaroslavl of a professional choir. And the real embodiment of that dream became a choral chapel «Yaroslaviya» is a living memory of boundless devotion to the great masters of the Art...

The light image of Sergey Berezovsky will remain forever in our memory.